FDR Park

Trip to FDR Park

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As part of our long weekend at the end of June, Holly and I went to FDR Park. In my June 2021 Update, I posted a couple of pictures I had taken with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and mentioned that I had also taken pictures with a couple of my film cameras: my Minolta Hi-Matic 11 and my Minolta XE.

I finally got both rolls developed and scanned and am pleased with how the pictures turned out.

For the pictures I had taken with the Hi-Matic, I shot my last roll of the now discontinued Fuji Color Pro 400H.

FDR Park
FDR Park
FDR Park
FDR Park

With my Minolta XE, I used Ilford HP5 Plus and my Minolta Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 lens.

The day was starting to get hot and we had some other plans for the day so I took only 4 more pictures at FDR Park.

When I got this roll developed, all the pictures had a slight pinkish tint to them which I tried to reduce in Lightroom.

I don’t know if you will be able to tell the difference since the tint was subtle, but here is a before and after image.

FDR Park OriginalFDR Park

I’ve used Ilford HP5 before and never got that tint so I’m not sure why it happened. My photo lab recently obtained a new scanner so I’m curious to see if future rolls of black and white film have a similar tint.

The last time we went to FDR Park was in March of 2013 which is a shame since it’s fairly easy for us to get there. Despite owning my Canon EOS Rebel T3 at the time, I, apparently, did not have it with me. The pictures I had taken were with my Minolta Atrix phone which actually didn’t turn out too badly.

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