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Some Remaining 2017 Photos

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For a variety of reasons, I didn’t post much the last few weeks of 2017. My picture taking has slowed a bit during the winter because I’m not a big fan of being out in the cold any longer than I need to be so I haven’t been out and about taking pictures. However, I do have some I took in the late fall that I haven’t posted here yet.

I tried to expand my photography options in 2017 including buying 2 film cameras (a Lomography Diana F+ and a Canon Rebel EOS 2000) and buying a macro lens. I posted before about some of the black and white photos I had taken around the time of our Staycation (and I still have some photos from that time on an unfinished roll for the Canon). I also had taken some photos with the Diana F+ around that same time.

I also had taken more marco photos with my digital Canon Rebel. I should take more marco photos during the winter because I take those inside.

Spring feels so far away, but we’re starting to get more daylight so maybe I’ll venture out to take photos again if we get some mild days.


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