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November 2022 Update

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November was a fairly busy month. On two different occasions, friends from out of town came to Philadelphia. Holly and I had a nice Thanksgiving and tried a new brewery with my brother the next day. If felt like a good way to follow-up our annual Staycation.

One friend came to town for our 40th elementary school reunion. I wasn’t particularly interested in the reunion, but he and I and my brother got together one afternoon. We had a leisurely lunch at Iron Hill Brewery and enjoyed catching up since I hadn’t seen this friend in a few years.

I didn’t take any pictures of us, but I take some lovely autumn photos along my travels.

Some with my Samsung Galaxy S9+

And some with my Nikon Z fc fitted with my Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-6.3 lens

A week later, I had a friend I used to work with at the UNLV’s Lied Library come to town for a conference which was conveniently held at the library where Holly and I currently work. I did get to see him briefly during the conference, but we got together one night for dinner. We met for a cocktail at his hotel before having a wonderful meal at Oyster House. After dinner, we wandered over to Abe Fisher for a nightcap.

Of course, November means Thanksgiving. As is our tradition, Holly and I order out a couple of times for Thanksgiving sandwiches, getting the Triangle Gobbler from Triangle Tavern (turkey, rosemary mashed potatoes, stuffing, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce) and the Turketta Sammie from Porco’s Porchetteria (Herb and lard rubbed roasted turkey breast, slice of savory bread pudding, romaine lettuce, Heirloom Tomato, cranberry mustardo, Turkey gravy all on a Broiche roll.). Both were delicious and a great way to lead up to Thanksgiving.

Holly and I cooked at home for Thanksgiving. Since it was just the 2 of us, we opted to roast a chicken instead of turkey. (We did pick up turkey let at the same time we got our chicken for a future dinner).

We made Jamie Oliver’s chicken in milk, cranberry sauce with Cherry Heering, root vegetable gratin, cranberry stuffing, and green beans with a mushroom gravy.

We used our leftovers twice: once as a repeat of our Thanksgiving dinner plates and once when we made our own Thanksgiving sandwiches.

The next day, we went to visit my brother and to try a new brewery in Jenkintown. It was an interesting situation in that Human Robot did not serve food but the are associated with Herman’s at the Haus. We were able to walk up to the bar to order drinks but then used a QR code to order food from Herman’s. The food was good but not great. However, the beers were excellent.

We took the train up so I was able to get a picture of the Christmas Tree in 30th Street Station. I also took a couple of pictures while we were in Jenkintown. Jenkintown is a fairly nice area with a lot of stores and restaurants along a main thoroughfare. I would like to go there some time with more than my phone camera for a photo walk.

A surprising turn of events was that the Phillies ended up in the World Series. Although they lost the series, we thoroughly enjoyed their unexpected adventure getting there.


I’ve been trying to get caught up on posting about some of my recent photography outings, and finished a couple posts in November:

I still have several more posts in the works and hope to get caught up before the end of the year. I don’t mind having a bit of a backlog since I haven’t been out very often to take new pictures.

I started an Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Training tutorial through LinkedIn Learning. I’m curious about making videos, which I guess is in someway an extension of photography. I’m not sure what I want to make videos of but wanted to get some familiarity with editing. I really enjoyed working through the tutorial. Now I just need to figure out what I want to make videos of.



I re-read a couple of books in November and finished 2 new ones.

As with Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, I’ve read Tropic of Capricorn enough times to not be sure how many times I’ve read it. I feel like every time I read it, my opinion of it changes. I last read it 6 years ago when I started, but never finished, an intended thorough re-read of all Miller’s books. I remember at the time thinking that I liked it better than Cancer. This was not the case this time.

When Tropic of Capricorn is good, mainly during his reminiscences of his youth and his critiques of American culture, it is outstanding. But at other times, it can be a bit difficult to get through. I suspect that given the response to the sex in the first book, he tried outdoing himself in this one and strained credibility in that attempt. Much of the sex in Capricorn is ridiculous and unpleasant.

The other book I re-read was Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass in anticipation of the final season of His Dark Materials. I love The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife but always had a lukewarm opinion of The Amber Spyglass. It’s a bit of a mess and isn’t as tightly constructed as the first 2 books. Pullman throws around a lot of ideas but not everything makes sense. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy The Amber Spyglass. I just don’t like it as much at the other books.

The two new books I read were Vanessa Hua’s Forbidden City and Patti Smith’s A Book of Days.

Forbidden City wasn’t something that I was planning on reading, but I saw the Kindle version on sale. Reading the description intrigued me enough to give it a try. Although I found it a little slow at parts, I overall enjoyed this story about a teenage girl who gets caught up in China’s Cultural Revolution.

On the contrary, I was eagerly awaiting the release of Patti Smith’s A Book of Days. I loved both Just Kids and M Train so I pre-ordered her latest which is a collection of her photography. Well, mostly her photography. Some of the photos were taken by other people, most obviously those taken of her. Being a book of days, she included a photo for each day of the year. Some photos are tied to historical or biographical events. In the absence of her own photos, she included photos by other people. It seemed odd at first but the inclusion of these other photos helped give the book some thematic cohesive that might have otherwise been missing.

November 2022 Reading Update
November 2022 Reading Update

Books Read in 2022

So far in 2022, I’ve read 34 books:

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