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I am happy to report that my short story, A Telling Silence, is now live at The Penmen Review. This was, by far, the quickest turnaround from writing a story to publication. I finished the story at the end of July, sent it out to a few publications, and received word that The Penmen Review accepted it on September 22.

A teaser:

Brian Featherstone walked down Spruce Street—smart phone in one hand with its ear buds snuggling in his ears, its microphone dangling just below his chin, vape in his other hand—ignorant of the existence of other pedestrians in whose way he was getting. Some gave him an Evil Eye while others muttered things to themselves with a subconscious hope that he would hear them and change his behavior. A subset of those also uttered insults which revealed their bias against men with man buns.

But he was going where he was going—home in this case—and talking with Melissa Baer, his female friend of a few years with whom he hoped to become more than just friends. Melissa complained about her job, one that Brian had some exceedingly tangential influence in her getting. As was his way, he was plenty willing to support the fiction that his influence was more important than it actually was.

Read the rest at The Penmen Review!

This is my fifth story to be published:

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