Going Black and White

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I had been out a couple of times with my Diana F+ camera that I bought earlier this year and had taken a couple rolls of color film. When I bought the camera, I bought a pack of 5 rolls of color film (Kodak Portra 400 Professional ISO 400), but I also bought 1 pack of black and white (Ilford HP5 Plus Black and White Negative Film ISO 400). I recently tried out the black and white film one Sunday morning when we were walking across town to go to the Headhouse Farmers’ Market and mostly liked the outcome. Of the 12 shots, 10 turned out OK.

As with the color film, I like the old time feel of these pictures.

I bought the Diana F+ as an inexpensive way to experiment with film photography to see if it is something I would enjoy getting back into. Even after shooting only 3 rolls, I’m pretty certain that there will be plenty of film photography in my future. The Diana F+ certainly has its limitations so I have started looking into getting a more advanced film camera.

I started a flickr set of all my film photos.

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