Tom Ipri is a mid-career librarian, mid-life person, writer, reader, film buff, photographer, and food and drink enthusiast living and working in Philadelphia, PA.

His short stories have appeared in Ayris MagazineCompose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing, The Casserole, Contraposition, and The Penmen Review. He is the author of the novella, King’s Long Search, and the story collection, Kindred Spirits.

In addition to his fiction, Tom has had poetry published in Small Brushes, Superior Poetry News and The Vermillion Literary Project.

His photography has appeared in several travel blogs, The Huffington Post and the websites for Forbes and Discover.

In addition to blogging here, he also maintains a more personal and idiosyncratic blog, Being and Formulating, as well as a food blog, SuperPlus Eats, along with his girlfriend.

Among other places, he also can be found on Amazon Author CentralTwitterFacebookFlickr, InstagramLinkedInPinterest, and tumblr.