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On my about page, I give an overview of my purpose for this site, but I’d like to take an opportunity to more fully outline my thoughts.

I have been blogging in various iterations since 2005. My first blog was devoted to the movies and launched when I attended the 14th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival. For many years, I maintained a work-related blog, Tombrarian, but have since retired it. I had a personal blog, Being and Formulating, which, being a personal blog, was relatively theme-less where I post whatever I felt like posting. In an effort to focus more on blogging here, I have also retired that.

So why a new blog?

There are many answers to that question.

One of which is a boring, technical answer. I was finding my previous hosting option to be too slow and upgrading was pricey. Thinking about moving to a new host made me think about the future of my blogging life, which, despite my on-again, off-again efforts, is something I enjoy.

Recently, one of the topics I’ve been contemplating writing more about is growing older. At this time of starting this blog, I was about seven months away from turning 50. Unlike previous milestone birthdays which I was fairly impervious to, this one is looming large.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve been engaging in a wider variety of creative activities. I’ve been writing since at least high school and became interested in web design early on having worked on sites on the job beginning in the late 1990’s. I have long had an interest in photography but I have only seriously started indulging this interest in the past few years. I’ve also started dabbling in drawing and graphic design.

I don’t think the fact that I am more engaged with creative endeavors at the same time I’m starting to feel my age is a coincidence.

My curiosity about this intersection led me to decide to start a new blog with that as its theme.

I have been flitting from one creative project to another but want to start being more thoughtful and self-reflective about what I’m working on while exploring what it means to be “middle aged.”

I updated this post in January 2020 to make it a relevant introductory post.

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