This Creative Midlife is a project I began in 2017 at the age of 49 inspired by the unfathomable fact that I would soon be turning 50. Fifty? What the hell?

Although I have had a personal blog in various iterations since 2005, I decided I wanted to start a new site dedicated to coming to a better understanding of what it means to be what we generously refer to as “middle age” or “midlife.”

I am especially curious about the role of creativity plays and hopefully will continue to play later in life (thus the title). It seems that in recent years, creativity has become more important to me and feels like it will be an important element of my life as I grow older.

I have long been a writer and have had short stories published in Ayris MagazineCompose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing, The Casserole, Contraposition, The Penmen Review, and Monday Night. A couple of those stories appear in my collection, Kindred Spirits.

In addition, I have had poetry appear in Small Brushes, Superior Poetry News and The Vermillion Literary Project. I have also had several professional publications associated with my 25 year (and counting) career as a librarian. Twenty-five years? What the hell?

Although I have been interested in photography for a while, I have only recently begun taking that interest seriously in the past few years. Some of my photos have appeared in several travel blogs, The Huffington Post and the websites for Forbes and Discover.

Even more recently, I have started dabbling with drawing and graphic design.

I have also written an introductory post explaining my intentions in more detail.

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